Business Card Marketing Ideas for Your Tanning Salon

Published: 23rd September 2009
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Creative and unique business cards can help you entice customers to utilize your tanning products and services. In

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, unique design and quality

materials are required to stand out from the rest of your competitors. Make use of business cards to promote your tanning

salon as a comfortable place for relaxation and enjoyment. Think of creative ways of using your cards to keep a strong hold

onto your clients.

Creative Uses of Your Tanning Salon's Business Cards

• Contact Reference: A business card can serve as your clients' contact reference. Include your name, position, contact

number, e-mail address, and your website on the card so that customers can easily reach you. Providing your contact

information will help you keep in touch with new and current customers. Include a list of local massage spa and beauty salon

on the back of your card.

• Tour Pass: The card can be used by first-time clients as a tour pass or ticket to your tanning salon. You can show the new

customers your high-quality pieces of equipment and explain how to store and use specific tanning products that you offer.

Discuss with the new clients the price and process of your tanning services.

• Discount Card: Provide 5 to 20 percent discount to new and present customers. Offer discounts on your products and services

like tanning lotion, spray tanning service, age-defying tanning treatment, and infrared body wrapping service.

• Freebie Card: A business card can be used as freebie card or reward card for repeat clients who have referred new people at

your salon. Loyal clients can use the card to obtain a tanning product or service for free.

• Raffle Ticket: Your card can be used as a raffle entry ticket. The back of your print can serve as a blank form where

clients can write their contact information. Offer prizes that can be valuable to your customers like free tanning service or

package of tanning products.

Produce compelling business cards with the help of a printing firm like UPrinting. The professional printer offers business

card printing services that allow you to create unique and creative business cards

for your tanning salon business.

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