Creative Ideas for the Celebration of a School's Foundation Day

Published: 05th June 2009
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One of the most celebrated days in a school is the foundation day. It's not just the holiday that excites the students but also the activities to be done during the celebration.

During foundation day, students have different roles in coming up for an activity. Each booth is organized by an organization or a class section. Setting up booths is exciting because students give their best in designing booths to attract participants. Another thing is that students come up with different creative ideas to hold enjoyable activities and presentations.

• Students can set up a booth for poster making contest. This kind of competition will encourage talented students to express their creative and artistic side. The organizers of this particular booth must provide materials for poster making, including the poster paper stock, drawing and coloring materials. A time frame can be set for the contestants to know how much time they have in creating poster prints.

• Film showing can also be conducted during a school's foundation day celebration. Full-length or short films that are to be presented must be educational and informative for the students to learn. The organizers of the film showing can display poster prints outside the booth to promote the featured films.

• It is an exciting idea to have an area in which students can have their photos taken and printed instantly. A photography express booth can entice students to have picture taking as a remembrance for the event.

• Another interesting activity is having an area in which students can paint their own small figurines like angels and other interesting shapes. Students have to pay for the figurines and the paint. The activity can serve as a fund raising method for any student organization.

With these fun activities, more students will be interested to participate. Aside from enjoying and having fun, students can benefit a lot from the said activities.

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