How to Market Your Flower Shop with Postcards

Published: 23rd September 2009
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A postcard is a cost-effective marketing tool that helps you reach out to your audience. The printed material contains valuable information that updates recipients about your services and special offers. Printing high-quality postcards can help you grow your floral business. You just have to consider the following tips in marketing your flower shop's postcards:

Postcard Marketing Tips for Florists

• Set Your Objectives: You need to set your company's marketing objectives that will be the focus of all your marketing efforts. Decide whether you want to increase your sales, add more clients, increase your store's foot traffic, create product awareness at a given timeline, or inform your prospective clients about the benefits that they can get from your services. Print postcards that are aligned with your marketing aims.

• Provide Special Offers: Interest your audience by offering special promotions using postcards. The prints can be used as discount cards that enable clients to purchase flower shop goods at lower costs.

• Create Postcard Design: A compelling postcard design is what catches the eyes of your audience before actually reading the content of your print. Create a positive first impression by incorporating full-color photos and graphics on your card's design.

• Prepare a Mailing List: Distribute your postcards directly to the right people. Prepare a good mailing list that includes your old clients. You should give out the cards to people who might be interested with your products and services.

• Evaluate Your Marketing: It is important to evaluate your postcard marketing to assess your success. Consider how many people visited your shop to purchase discounted goods, or how many individuals called your shop or sent you an e-mail.

As you aim to provide fresh flowers to your new and present clients, you need to have fresh and creative postcard marketing ideas for your shop. Follow these tips to effectively market your floral business.

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