How to Promote Your Women’s Clinic with the Use of Business Cards

Published: 23rd September 2009
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Business cards are effective marketing tools that can help you create a buzz for your women's clinic. Print business cards that have a compelling design to attract the attention of your audience. Furthermore, include essential information on the cards including your clinic's name, contact numbers, and location. Use the cards to inform women that they can have access to health care services that you offer. Think of creative ways of using your business cards to promote your clinic.

Business Card Marketing Ideas for Your Women's Clinic

• Free Checkup Card: Your business cards can be used to obtain free checkup. The card can cover the fee for some of your health services including medical consultation, physical exam and breast exam. Free consultations will interest more women to visit your clinic and learn about their health status.

• Discount Card: Patients can use your prints as discount cards. The cards will enable women to have discounts on pap smears, pregnancy test, contraceptive counseling, urodynamic testing, menopausal health care, and reproductive services.

• Appointment Card: Use your prints as appointment cards. You can write the essential information about your next appointment with a patient on the back of your business card. Include the patient's name, contact number, schedule, time and the assigned health care professional on the space provided on the back of your print.

• Directory Card: Your business card can be an informative print for your patients. Provide a list of some insurance programs, health maintenance organizations, physicians and hospitals near your locale. Include their contact information and addresses for easy access.

Follow these business card marketing ideas to attract more women to visit your clinic. Utilize business cards that contain a compelling design and essential information. Create business cards with a reliable printing company like UPrinting. The professional printer provides high-quality online printing services that can help you produce creative and unique business cards for your clinic.

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