Immediate Loss of Job: Psychological Effect to Unemployed Individuals

Published: 04th June 2009
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More people have immediately lost their jobs because of global recession. And though a lot of companies make use of poster printing to announce job openings, unemployed individuals are afraid to take the risk of having a new job, and eventually lost it. This is one of the psychological effects of joblessness to people.

According to research, psychological effects of unemployment become more and more damaging to the personality and mentality of jobless persons. This is because many aspects of an individual's life are being affected by losing a job. Joblessness has a great impact to monetary aspect, personal, mental and emotional capacity of a person.

Loss of income is the number one concern for unemployment. Regardless of position and the kind of work that people are into, people work to earn for a living. Financial loss means a huge change of plan not only for an individual, but also for the families affected by this issue. Those who are personally connected to an individual who becomes unemployed are also affected.

Long period of joblessness may cause depression, anxiety and lack of sleep to unemployed people. Joblessness makes them feel helpless and so they divert their attention to other things. Unemployed people become more involved with vices like smoking and drinking alcohol liquor. This is because they become very depressed and confused on what to do to make a living.

Losing a job in just a snap will lower one's self-esteem or confidence. Unemployed people will become to question themselves about their skills and capabilities. They often associate joblessness with their personal shortcomings and will consider themselves less efficient.

With these long lasting impacts on the personal senses of jobless individuals, it is expected that these people will find it hard to regain self-esteem. Poster prints, flyers, brochures and other printed materials that advertise job vacancies can help, but will not take effect immediately, in encouraging and motivating unemployed persons to give themselves a second chance.

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