Promoting Your Karaoke Business with Nightclub Flyers

Published: 15th September 2009
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You can attract people to come in at your karaoke bar by distributing nightclub flyers. The printed materials are effective tools that you can use to promote your service to partygoers. You can provide information about your business, and the foods and drinks that you offer. You can also use the prints to provide special promotions. Below are some nightclub flyer marketing ideas for your karaoke bar:

1. Program List: Nightclub flyers can provide information about the upcoming performances at your bar. They also serve as your promotional prints that highlight your services. You can provide details about your karaoke rooms, microphones, pieces of equipment, and menu items available.

2. Ticket Pass: Use the nightclub flyers as a ticket pass that provides one bottle or glass of drink for free. The perforated part of the prints can still be used by clients to have a free drink on their next visit. You just have to make sure that the prints have expiration dates.

3. Menu Print: Nightclub flyers can also be used as menu prints. You can offer meals and drinks, along with their prices, using the prints. You can also offer meals for groups of 5 to 10 clients. It is important for you to create high-gloss nightclub flyers to attract people to order for foods and drinks.

4. Discount Coupon: Provide special offers using nightclub flyers. Use the perforated part to purchase food or drinks at a lower rate. You can offer half-priced drinks, discounted fruit platter, and fried finger foods using the coupons.

5. Song Request Slip: The perforated part of a nightclub flyer can serve as a slip where people can write their song requests. They can fill out the song request slip and give the print to the club DJ. You can offer a free drink for customers who will fill out the perforated slips.

These are effective night club flyer marketing that can give a boost to your business. Create high-quality nightclub flyers with the help of a reliable printing company. Utilize the internet to search for local print shops. For example, you can type in printing in Torrance, CA, to get a list of printing companies in that city. You can also refer to online printing reviews to learn more consumer feedback about printing services in your locale.

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