Three Ways to Promote a Small Retail Flower Shop

Published: 05th June 2009
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A retail flower shop offers services for flower care and handling, flower arranging, merchandising, and flower delivery. A retail flower shop is profitable because people make use of flowers for many kinds of occasions and events. However, a small flower shop needs to promote and market its product to more potential clients for higher income.

Having promotional and marketing materials and strategies is essential for a small retail flower shop to grow. Here are the suggested ways to promote a retail flower shop:

Using the Internet

Flower shop owners can make use of the internet to promote their flower business. The very first thing to consider is to develop a website for a particular flower shop. This website must contain pertinent information about the products and services being offered by a certain shop. It is also important to include beautiful and colorful images of pre-made flower arrangements. This way, potential clients can have an idea of the kind and quality of service that a flower shop has to offer.

Creating Marketing Prints

A flower shop can also make use of posters to promote certain flower products. Flower shop owners can create poster prints online through a printing company's website. Online printing services for posters allow people to create their own designs and upload personal images to be printed on the posters. Clients can also choose designs and templates for Poster Prints Online for faster production of marketing prints.

Sponsorship to Certain Events

Flower shop owners can engage in sponsorship programs to promote the business. Bouquets or basket of flowers can be given out for free during a special event like a simple community program in a certain locale. A flower shop can sponsor the bouquet of flowers to be used for a business opening near the shop's physical location. With this, the flower shop and the start-up business can help each other in gaining more clients.

Introducing Promos and Discounts

Discounts can be offered for bulk orders like bouquets or baskets of flowers. Free flowers can also be given out for loyal customers as tokens of appreciation. These promos and discounts can be introduced during holidays and special occasions like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day and others.

With these strategies, a small retail flower shop can grow and can gain more clients in the future. Furthermore, the kinds of promotions suggested for this type of business also help other companies to survive in the market arena.

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